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Virtual Root Server

Enjoy all the freedom with your self-managed VM


Virtual private servers for your administrative freedom


Our virtual root servers are ideal for you if you want full control over your servers. You decide what gets installed and who gets access to your services.

Advantages of our virtual root servers

Operation as a virtual machine in the VMware cluster in the data center (Hamburg)
Current Linux systems (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL/Rocky). Other distributions possible by arrangement.
Current Windows server versions
100 MBit/s connection
Daily snapshot (VM can be fully recovered)
Optional additional data backup (file level backup)
a public IP address incl.
Reliable, personal support via telephone and ticket system/e-mail

Running and maintaining server systems can be time-consuming and requires a lot of expertise. The operating system and all running services would have to be patched and it must be ensured at all times that everything is running as expected.

For a small surcharge, we take care of patch management for you, take care of security and monitor your systems and services in our monitoring system (including notifications).

You have more time for your project success and we take care of the technology for you.

Take a look at ours hereManaged server offersat.

Our server offers for you


VM Root Server S

2 vCPU


50 GB Speicher

100 MBit/s Anbindung

Perfect for small applications, development servers, test environments


VM Root Server M

4 vCPU


100 GB Speicher

100 MBit/s Anbindung

Perfect for small online shops


VM Root Server L

6 vCPU


250 GB Speicher

100 MBit/s Anbindung

Perfect for larger online stores and Plesk environments

Our standard configurations don't suit your project?

We will work with you to find out which configuration is best for your project. Write us!

Our optional additional services

Do you need more for your project than just a virtual server? We offer you many optional additional services for your virtual server.


Expand the performance and memory of your VM as you wish.

Disk Storage

Expand the storage capacity of your VM as you wish.

SMB/NFS - Storage

Additional SMB/NFS shares for parallel use in all VMs of any size.

Higher Bandwidth

Expand the bandwidth of your VMs to 1 Gbps.

Dedicated Firewall

Virtual or hardware firewall in front of your VMs.


Access your VM environment only via VPN.

Load Balancer

Operate highly available services on your VMs via a separate load balancer.

IP addresses/subnets

On request, additional IP addresses or entire subnets.

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