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Cloud Consulting

From cloud readiness to implementation and operation -  We will help you on your way to the cloud

Graue Oberfläche

Your cloud journey starts with a plan

Small and medium-sized companies often underestimate the path to productive, stable and cost-effective operation of local services in the cloud.

Cloud services that seem easy to implement at first glance can become complex and confusing over time, especially if other different cloud services have to be used that are supposed to work "hand in hand".

It can be difficult to keep a complete overview, especially at the beginning, but also during an ongoing migration or final operation. Often there is only know-how for individual services, but not for the entire cloud concept. Sometimes even the cloud concept is missing.

And while cloud services are viewed as a cost-effective solution, unexpected costs can arise if careful attention is not paid to resource utilization, cost optimization, and scaling of the services.


Are your systems ready for the cloud?

For us, cloud readiness not only means that your systems should be suitable for being provided in the cloud, but also always the question of whether it is economically worthwhile.

There is no question that almost any service can also be provided in the cloud. In simple cases, it is still worth thinking about alternatives that can be financially more attractive.

Together with you we will find the right way and support you on the way to a stable operation in the cloud.

Graue Oberfläche

Cloud migration strategy

Your cloud migration strategy should consider a few points to ensure optimal and cost-effective operations.

Comprehensive assessment of the current IT infrastructure

A thorough assessment of the current IT infrastructure, including applications, databases, servers, networks, and storage resources, is a critical first step. This helps to understand and analyze the existing resources and workloads to determine which parts are suitable for cloud migration and what potential for optimization exists.

Definition of requirements and use cases

It is important to set clear goals and requirements for cloud migration. This can be, for example, improved scalability, higher availability, better performance or cost savings. These goals and requirements should be detailed and measurable to evaluate the success of the migration.

Careful planning and preparation of target design

Comprehensive planning and preparation are important for successful and sustainable operation in the cloud. This includes the definition of time frames, budgets, resources and responsibilities, as well as the creation of a detailed migration plan that includes all necessary steps, test phases and monitoring mechanisms.

IT security and data protection

Security and privacy issues need to be considered with any cloud migration. It is important to implement the appropriate security measures and privacy policies to protect the data and applications in the cloud and meet compliance requirements.

With the large public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google, it must first be clarified and decided to what extent data will be transferred to the USA, for example (CLOUD Act) and how the current data protection requirements of the company must be taken into account with regard to GDPR-compliant use.

Monitoring, performance optimization and budget planning

After the cloud migration, continuous monitoring, optimization of performance and cost management are important. By monitoring resource utilization, performance metrics and costs, optimization potential can be identified and used to improve the efficiency and economics of cloud use.

backup and recovery

Before the productive operation of services in the cloud, a comprehensive data backup strategy must be in place to ensure that data and configurations can be completely restored in the worst case.

Caution: Public cloud providers only provide resources, but in most cases are not responsible for the user data. The user must ensure that his data is backed up in a recoverable manner, eg  with a professional solution from Veeam.


Architectural planning for stable operation

Each of the major public cloud providers have countless cloud services that can either be operated individually or combined with one another in a variety of ways. Often there are also services that appear to offer the same function but contribute to completely different solutions.

A good design of the cloud landscape helps to select the right cloud services that are required for the specific use case.

The security of cloud services should always be the most important building block in a cloud architecture in order to be able to ensure protection against unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

However, secondary factors such as the meaningful naming of services, security groups and other features also help to reduce complexity and document it in a way that is understandable for all those involved.

We help you to operate data and services securely from unauthorized access and sustainably in the cloud.

Are you already running some services in the cloud?

We're happy to help with an objective assessment of your current operations and offer advice to get even more out of the cloud.

Struktur aus Glas

Conperience Managed Cloud

Whether fully managed, co-managed or self-service.
We stand by your side.

Are you completely new to the cloud or are you already running some services in the cloud?

With our managed cloud offerings, we can help you, no matter what phase of the transition you are currently in.


And even if you would like to operate all services yourself, we are at your side as a partner and help you and your team to achieve the desired results.

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Don't know where to start?

We are on hand with help and advice.

From the first non-binding consultation, through a viable and sustainable cloud concept to the implementation and operation of the individual components.

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